Welcome to Seacrest

Where it's impossible to feel anything but relaxed. 

Meet Up, Wind Down

A tight-knit community with a lively pavilion area and ample green spaces. 

Make a Splash

Dune lakes for kayaking and canoeing. Endless adventure in Deer Lake State Park. 

This easygoing beach neighborhood is the perfect place to escape for a beach vacation. Spend a day wandering through the shops and sights of Seacrest — you’ll spot everything from gorgeous dune lakes to gourmet restaurants. Then, unwind with a stroll along Seacrest’s sugar-white sand.

A lively community gathers in Seacrest’s Peddler’s Pavilion. Sip coffee on an outdoor patio, stock up on homemade sweet treats, or rent a bicycle and go exploring. With wide-open green spaces and plenty of ecosploring opportunities, this beach neighborhood is a perfect fit for active vacationers.  

Seacrest hosts Camp Creek Lake, meaning that ecosploring opportunities abound. Rare bird species can be found along the borders of the lake, which is surrounded by walking trails and made up of a mix of salt and fresh water.

This quaint beach neighborhood regularly welcomes new shops and restaurants. Recently opened establishments, like Acme Ice House, add an exciting twist to the Seacrest dining scene while long-time favorites, like Seacrest Sundries and La Cocina, keep regulars coming back for more.

With sugar-white, powdery sand perfect for digging your toes into and warm, translucent water that changes in color from vivid green to turquoise, the beaches are routinely listed on lists of the world's best.” – Patti Nickel, Lexington Herald-Leader

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