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Beach & Brew on 30A

It all started with an idea and a beer…

Highway 30A and its environs are a unique stretch of land. A place not easily replicated. Each community is more vibrant and distinct than the last. A magic combination of old and new, laid-back attitude with more than a touch of saltwater. But we think that is what makes the 30A culture so wonderful, the charming mix of locals, visitors and visitors who became locals. Considering that perspective, we had an idea - what if there was a place that could perfectly encapsulate the multitude of culture found along 30A?

At Beach and Brew, we believe in diversity. We believe that diversity makes a community and just like 30A has Blue Mountain Beach to Old Seagrove, we believe in the diversity of beer. A lot of different styles, colors and tastes but more alike than not. The distinctions are what make the perfections.

At Beach and Brew on 30A, we wanted to find a place where all are welcome to come in and bond over a beer. We look forward to serving you, whether a local or a first-timer, a drink that perfectly suits your style.

Welcome & please, y’all stay a while.

Explore Seacrest

Seacrest welcomes those who want to relax without a worry. Lounge by a dune lake, bask by the beach or stroll to the shops. In Seacrest, you don’t need a set schedule.

Head to this family-friendly spot to join a tight-knit community in all-natural surroundings, but also for shopping, dining, outdoor adventure and – of course – the beach.

Check It Out