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A Beach for Any Season

When you have so many culinary, art, theater, ecotourism, sports and shopping options, you don't need to stick to the beach to have a great time. When you need a break from your everyday life, South Walton is the perfect trip, whether it's summer or winter. Escape the cold and explore beach culture, or hit the beach when it's hot, hot, hot – you can't go wrong with a trip to this beach any time of year.

January and February are typically mild months, with average temperatures floating around the 50s or 60s. You're still free to brave the waters for a swim, but beaches are more commonly used for taking in the sights and ocean air. Explore the great outdoors in the crisp air, or take leisurely strolls from the art galleries to dinner. If cooler weather makes for a more appealing trip, you'll be pleased to find out that accommodations often cost less, and there's a quiet, laid-back atmosphere that might make you feel like you've discovered a secret.

In March, temperatures get a boost into the 60s and 70s. Wildflowers begin to peek out of the ground, and while the water is still a bit nippy, the beach begins buzzing – even if you're not in the water, it's a beautiful time to be near it.

If perfection sounds like mid-70s to mid-80s, low humidity and infrequent rain, April and May are tough to beat. Midsummer water warmth is still a couple months off, but the weather, indoor and outdoor activities and natural beauty in April and May make it a prime time to be here.

In June, school's out and it's time to hit the beach. Air temperatures make it into the 80s, and the water's fine by any standard. Afternoon rain showers are the norm, but don't let that bother you – they're the perfect time to head back for a nap and clean up for the evening's activities.

July and August are the hottest beach months, literally and figuratively. Daytime temps can reach into the 90s, so grab a beach towel and let the sun do its thing. Cool off with a splash in the turquoise water, and don't forget to reapply your sunscreen!

In September, things typically stay warm, but you'll occasionally see a cooler day or two. With school back in session, the action slows down a touch, but if you can make it out, there's just as much to do on and off the beach.

If you like the weather in April and May, but you still want to go for a swim, October is the month for you. The water is still warm from the summer, and as an added bonus, some of the best sunsets you'll see all year happen in October. If you're here for the view, this is when it can't be beat.

Once a locals' secret, November and December are becoming increasingly popular with vacationers. The weather is mild, humidity is low, and the holiday festivities put a beachy spin on your favorite time of year. If you're looking to start new family traditions, a winter beach trip is just the ticket.


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