Nokuse Plantation Trail - Florida Trail


As a section of the statewide Florida Trail, the Nokuse Plantation Trail is challenging for those seeking an entry point. The GPS coordinates of 30.561841, -86.106505 indicate the crossing point on US Hwy 331 but no official parking is available.

Trail Distance: 19 Miles
Moderate/Difficult - Hard Ground with Some Sandy, Hilly Areas mixed with Extremely Sandy and Difficult Hills

Nokuse Plantation is the vision of M.C. Davis focusing on conservation, preservation and restoration projects to connect existing Federal and State lands in Northwest Florida. The plantation consists of a rich compilation of upland, wetland and freshwater communities. These communities provide habitat for a myriad of plants and animals, including threatened and endangered species. The education center, not connected to the trail, is located on Hwy 20, east of Freeport.

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