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Walton County TDC Beach Operations Department
924 South County Hwy 83

Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
(850) 267-4578

Deliveries are received between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Beach Operations is comprised of two divisions: Beach Maintenance and Beach Code Enforcement. Beach Maintenance includes beach cleaning, construction/maintenance of regional and neighborhood beach access facilities, construction/maintenance of the multi-use trail, and beach re-nourishment projects. 

Beach Maintenance

  • Operates 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
  • Maintains and cleans 60+ beach, lake and bay accesses. All regional beach access restrooms and pavilions are cleaned and restocked daily.
  • Maintains and services 600 garbage collection stations located on the beach, at the regional/neighborhood accesses, and along the multiuse trail. All garbage collections stations are emptied daily.
  • Maintains and cleans 26 miles of multi-use trail. The entire trail and adjacent right of way is cut, edged, and cleaned of litter, sand, and debris every seven days.
  • Coordinates and manages architect/engineers/consultants for capital improvement projects and beach re-nourishment projects. 

Beach Operations Capital Improvement Projects | New RBA Access Updates / Neighborhood Access Renovations 

New Regional Beach Access Updates:  

  • Dune Allen RBA: The new Dune Allen Regional Beach access is wrapping up final improvements and will be reach substantial completion in mid-November. This new beach access will include new parking, restroom facilities and a lifeguard station on the sandy beach. Ground breaking ceremony date is to be determined, but is slated for end of November.
    Street Address: 5999 W County Highway 30A

  • Miramar Beach RBA (Scenic Gulf Drive): Staff is reaching the final portion of the procurement phase, with construction expected to begin in early 2020. Opening in August 2020, this beach access will include additional parking, a revised pavilion, a dune walkover and a lifeguard stand on the sandy beach.
    Street Address: 907 Scenic Gulf Drive

  • Seagrove Beach RBA: Permitting and planning for the Seagrove Beach Regional Beach Access continues to move forward, as staff works diligently on environmental components for this project. Construction of this project plans to begin in early spring 2020 and will be ready to welcome guests later next fall. 
    Street Address: Across from Cafe Thirty-A

Beach Access Renovations: 
The fall and winter months will bring many improvements to South Walton, including work on nine regional and neighborhood beach accesses. The first phase of construction began on November 1st and depending on which type of access, the project could take between 30 – 45 days or 45 – 60 days.

To make accessing the beaches easier for both visitors and locals, no more than two neighborhood beach access and/or beach access points will be under construction at a given time. Developments to these locations will include improvements or replacement of decking and railing, addition of bike racks, or if needed, a complete rebuild of the access point to ensure the best quality for our visitors and locals for years to come.

Neighborhood Beach Access Renovations:
Five neighborhood beach accesses in the Seagrove beach neighborhood will be completely inaccessible during their respective construction periods.

  • (1) Highway 395 & (2) Hickory: Closed from 11-1-19 through 11-30-19
  • (3) Live Oak & (4) Dogwood Street: Closed from 12-1-19 through 12-30-19
  • (5) Nightcap: Closed from 2-31-19 through 12-29-20

Four regional beach access points will also be renovated, including: (1) Inlet Beach, (2) Gulfview Heights, (3) Ed Walline, and (4) Fort Panic (formally known as “Dune Allen Regional Beach Access”)

  • Inlet Beach: Closed from 12-7-19 through 2-29-20.
    • All three neighborhood access points in Inlet Beach will be improved this fall, but at least one access will always remain open for visitors to access the beach. The bathhouse and some parking will be available throughout this renovation. The western access will undergo construction first, as it will be limited in scope and should be finished in one week, it will then remain open while the other two are being reconstructed/renovated.
  • Ed Walline: Closed from 12-7-19 through 2-29-20
    • This RBA will allow for beach access through the emergency access drive. Although the boardwalks will be closed for these renovations, the bathhouse and parking will be available.
  • Fort Panic: Closed from 11-1-19 through 12-6-19
    • This RBA will allow for beach access through the emergency access drive. Although the boardwalks will be closed for these renovations, the bathhouse and parking will be available.
  • Gulfview Heights: Closed from 11-1-19 through 12-6-19
    • Of the four regional beach access points within this renovation, Gulfview Heights will be the only access that will not have an alternative route to access the beach. Due to the risk of damaging the dunes, both visitors and residents will need to use another access point during renovations.To find the nearest access point to you, please visit our website.

 Alligator Lake Multi-Use Path Project

Beginning November 12, the Walton County Public Works Department will begin their multi-use path project at Alligator Lake, which will close Highway 30A for an estimated 90 days. The project will include installing a new, pre-cast bridge structure for locals and visitors to enjoy while exploring the Timpoochee Trail. Please note, both pedestrians and vehicles will not be able to pass through the lake crossing during the construction phase and an alternative route will need to be taken. 


See a complete lineup of South Walton's beach access locations.

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