YOLO Instagram Takeover

The Visit South Walton Instagram is a space where we share the love of South Walton — so it only seemed fitting that we open it up to a group of people who are truly passionate about our beach neighborhoods. Staff from Stinky’s Fish Camp and YOLO Board + Bike / YOLO Board + Beach got together to each take over our Instagram page for a few days. Look below to see what images they Insta’ed!

YOLO Board + Bike and YOLO Board + Beach are go-to spots for all your watersport needs. This growing company was founded in Santa Rosa Beach in 2006, and now has four locations across the US. Head to South Walton’s Gulf Place and Miramar Beach locations to rent or purchase a stand up paddleboard, swimsuit, bike, outdoor equipment, and more.

The YOLO crew kicked off their takeover by tempting us with some scenic stand up paddleboard shots. It made us want to grab a board and go!

Did you know that YOLO Board + Beach even offers stand up paddleboard yoga lessons?

And finally, if watersports aren’t your thing, the YOLO team reminded us that they’ve got bikes for exploring South Walton by land, too.

Stinky’s Fish Camp is a casual seafood restaurant that’s been a South Walton staple since 2007. Visit this eatery in Dune Allen for fresh seafood, steaks, and nightly specials that keep regulars coming back for more. Live music and a family-friendly vibe make this a perfect group gathering spot.

Stinky’s started off their Instagram takeover by showing us a seafood feast.

Stinky's Fish Camp food

They even shared a picture from their own charter service. Fresh catch, indeed!

Stinky’s put the spotlight on some behind-the-scenes kitchen action, too.

Want to see what else is happening in our beach neighborhoods? Check out the Visit South Walton Instagram for the latest — you never know who might take over next.

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