Grayton Beach State Park - South Walton, Florida
Unplug and Find Your Zen in South Walton

In today's fast-paced world, it's important to unplug every now and then. It should come as no surprise that the quaint charm and untouched natural beauty of South Walton create the perfect setting in which to disconnect and recharge. What might surprise you is how many options you have for relaxing without spending a penny.

Sunset over a Coastal Dune Lake in South Walton, Florida

1.  Reflect on our unique coastal dune lakes. If these lakes weren't incredibly rare, if they weren't so ecologically impactful, if they didn't provide a rich habitat for plants and animals, they'd still be exceptionally beautiful. But they're all that and more, and the peace and calm they impart is worth a stop on your journey to relaxation.

Beach Yoga in South Walton, Florida

2.  Exercise your way to Zen. Yoga and other fitness classes are simply better at the beach – your head is clear, the scenery is spectacular and you don't have to cram in a session before you head to work. Whether you're a beginner or a serious yogi, there's a class to get you stretched, toned and strengthened. And if cardio is more your speed, classes in South Walton run the gamut of options.

Western Lake by Andy Saczynski

3.  Immerse yourself in local art. Whether you're wandering Gulf-inspired coastal art galleries, creating your own shard art at The Shard Shop or painting your own masterpiece with Artist of the Year Kathleen Broaderick, you're never far from an opportunity to dive into the art scene.

Nature Trail in South Walton, Florida

4.  Escape into nature in our state parks. Beyond the beach, South Walton's state parks and forest offer miles of trails for biking or hiking, and whether you're looking to stay active or take in flora and fauna, the natural splendor is abundant. It's easy to forget anything that's going on in the connected world with so much to focus on here.

Sundog Books

5.  Peruse a book. Flip through the pages of a novel – classic literature, or even works from local authors. The Hidden Lantern offers a curated selection of over 12,000 titles, covering just about any genre you could hope for. Sundog Books also offers a variety of books and magazines, as well as coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Turquoise Gulf Water in South Walton, Florida

6.  Retreat to a beach. What better way to unwind than stretched out on our famous sugar-white sand with the calming Gulf surf serenading you. Take a dip in the turquoise water for a quick refresh, then resume doing nothing at all. To escape even further, just add your favorite book.

So choose what works best for you and leave the stress and hectic pace of everyday life behind. Disconnect, recharge and re-center yourself in South Walton.

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