Parks in South Walton may include beautiful vistas of coastal dune lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.
South Walton Trail Etiquette
South Walton Trail Etiquette

Here are some tips to safely enjoy South Walton’s trails, whether you’re biking, running, or walking.

Yield To Pedestrians
Pedestrians always have the right of way.

Keep Right And Pass On Left
The trail is like a roadway.

Announce Yourself
Example: “On your left!”

If You Stop, Get Off The Trail
Allow other trail users room to pass on the left.

Keep The Trail Clean
Don’t litter.

Stop At Intersections
Travel at safe speeds.

Keep Animals Under Control
Keep pets on a short leash, walk pets on the right-hand shoulder,and clean animal waste from the trail.

Protect Yourself And Others
It’s the law that a bicycle rider or passenger under 16 years of age must wear a helmetand bicyclists are not allowed to wear headphones at any time.

Be Safe At Night
Cyclists must use head and tail lights after dark.