South Walton Chefs Share Their Favorite Restaurants

Who’s the ultimate authority on good food in South Walton? It’s tough to say, but we think that local chefs probably have some of the most sophisticated palates in town. We sat down with chefs Giovanni Filippone of Vue on 30A, Kevin Korman of Caliza Restaurant, and Jim Richard of Stinky’s Fish Camp. They dished out some delicious South Walton restaurant recommendations!

Like any passionate artist, chefs find inspiration in the work of others — and these three South Walton chefs really look up to a few other culinary masterminds in town.  

Richard says that chef Johnny Earles of the former Grayton Bar & Grill “sets the bar for our [South Walton chefs’] culinary standards,” and Korman praised chef Dan Vargo’s “respect and appreciation for food.” Stop by Vargo’s restaurant, Seagar’s, and you’ll surely see what Korman means.

And for dessert? Filippone recommends you talk to chef Charles Lee. This chef, formerly of Miramar Beach’s Copper Grill, apparently makes “the best cheesecake you’ll ever eat.”

For fun, we asked the chefs which South Walton restaurant they’d choose to dine at if they had to eat there every day for the next five years.

Filippone felt that the question was too difficult to answer — but ultimately settled on a tie between Vin’tij and Restaurant Paradis

Korman declared that Edward’s in Rosemary Beach would be his pick, because of its “simple food with local ingredients that’s consistently delicious.”

Richard boldly refused to answer. “If I had to eat at one restaurant anywhere for the rest of my life, I might want to shoot myself. Variety is the spice of life!”

Well said, Mr. Richard. Take his statement to heart, and try out all of the different restaurants these chefs recommended!

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