Rebecca Sullivan Balkcom's South Walton Style
Fashion Advice from Stylish South Walton Locals
Photo Courtesy of 30A Street Style

What defines South Walton style? According to this group of South Walton style leaders, three key elements make up the South Walton look. Meet our interviewees, learn more about South Walton fashion and then go find your perfect look with our expert-designed shopping guide.

Meet Your South Walton Style Team:

1. Rebecca Sullivan Balkcom: Cultural Arts Alliance (CAA) - The CAA is an organization that produces some of South Walton’s signature events, such as the 30A Songwriters’ Festival and South Walton Fashion Week.

2. Christy Carlisle Smith: Southern Fashion House - Southern Fashion House is a fashion design company founded by designer Stephanie Carter that includes brands such as DejaVu, Judith March and Jacque + Janis.

3. Courtney Murray: Local Journalist - Courtney covers local fashion, food, events and culture. With a degree in fashion merchandising and plenty of retail and apparel experience behind her, Courtney is a perfect fit for her position.

Courtney Murray's South Walton Style
Courtney Murray sports accessories she picked up at local South Walton boutiques with a basic black dress and beads from her travels to Africa.

4. Scott Russell: Russell & Russell Consulting - Scott is a well-dressed South Walton resident who has been in our beach neighborhoods for years.

5. Rachel Klaeger: The Southern Atelier - “Atelier” means ‘workshop of creativity’ in French, and that’s exactly what Rachel and business partner Sarah Israel had in mind when they created this style brand.

Rachel Klaeger of The Southern Atelier
Rachel with her daughter Olivia. Photography by The Jacksons.

Experience South Walton Style

South Walton’s style is as eclectic as the communities that make up our beach neighborhoods.

“There’s no ‘dress code’ here,” Rachel simply states. “Here, individuality reigns supreme.”

Still, there are some unifying elements that seem to define South Walton style. All of our interviewees agreed that the following features make up the signature look:

Casual: In South Walton, visitors and locals keep it casual when it comes to clothing. A light, breezy wardrobe ensures that you look and feel cool as you stroll through our beach neighborhoods.

Christy says: “We want to look stylish at all times, but we don’t want to appear to have put too much time or effort into our look…South Walton style, in my opinion, is bohemian, effortless and comfortable.” 

Courtney says: “South Walton fashion is the epitome of beach chic. While no one would bat an eye at you for wearing a cocktail dress and heels, it's equally as acceptable to rock shorts and sandals the majority of the year.”

Scott says: “It’s all about the person, what is comfortable, and what makes them feel good… That’s what I like about being here: anything goes.”

Practical: The climate and geography of South Walton, paired with our walkable streets and outdoor lifestyle, mean that people here have to be practical about their outfit choices.

Rebecca says: “I learned very quickly after moving from the city that my ‘Nashville’ shoes needed to be replaced with shoes that could better navigate the cobblestone streets of Alys Beach, the sandy beaches and the warm sidewalks of Seaside.”

Scott says: “People here want to be comfortable and tend to gravitate toward those things that have a more flowing feel so that they can adapt to the local weather.”

Inspired: South Walton’s colorful natural surroundings and artistic culture are reflected in local wardrobes.

Christy says: “We get our inspiration from the beautiful scenery around us, from the personal style of our neighbors and from the Southern sensibility that blankets South Walton.”

Rachel says: “The look here is cutting-edge yet laid-back — a juxtaposition that I find very appealing.”

Your Shopping Guide

Ready to create your own South Walton style? Our experts recommended local stores and boutiques for you to check out during your stay.

  • Village Boutique. “Many of the items are designed by the owner Linda Bruner herself. Elegant and chic.” – Rachel
  • Ophelia. “For when you’re looking for the perfect swimsuit.” – Christy
  • Willow. “Polished, yet beach friendly.” – Rebecca
  • Silver Sands Premium Outlets. “I love going there for a good sale.” - Courtney
  • Beach Folly. “Timeless, elegant and sophisticated.” – Rachel
  • DejaVu. “Beautiful colors, flowing fabrics and flattering silhouettes.” – Christy
  • Mason Men. “Southern gentleman meets beach.” – Rebecca