Umbrellas and Chairs at Miramar Beach
Endless Summer: A Look Back at the Best Moments of Summer 2017

Ah, summer. Lazy days filled with sand, sunshine, food and fun on the water. As the best season of the year winds down everywhere else, it’s still going strong in South Walton. Because while school starts back up, pools close and sweaters get pulled from the backs of closets everywhere else, summer never ends here.

So here’s a look back at a few of our favorite moments from the first few months of summer. Stay tuned, though, because there’s so much more to come.

We witnessed a lot of waterskiing. We saw beginners, we saw pros, and we saw beginners who quickly became pros. Most importantly, everyone had a blast.

Instagram Post - Waterskier on the Lake

We smiled as little ones experienced their first steps in the sand. Imagining the waves rolling against our feet for the first time always puts the natural beauty in perspective.

Instagram Post - Little Girl in the Gulf

We learned that while rosé is excellent in the summer, frosé on the beach is heaven. It’s especially delicious when you drink it from a South Walton cup!

Instagram Post - Frose on the Beach

We confirmed that riding our bikes everywhere is the best way to travel at the beach. Who needs a car when you have a cruiser?

Instagram Post - Beach Cruisers at Foot of Spiral Staircase

And while we normally like to keep our ice cream to ourselves, we discovered certain situations that justify sharing a lick or two.

Instagram Post - Mom and Son Sharing Ice Cream Cone

All in all, summer is off to a great start, and there’s plenty more where that came from. When you need a break from fall or winter, come visit us. It’ll still be summer here.