Dachshunds to Donuts: Only in South Walton

South Walton is unlike any other place on Earth — and as both locals and visitors will tell you, it’s our beach neighborhoods’ unique characters and eccentricities that make this place so great. Read about four different features of South Walton and see what makes us unique. 

Dachshunds are adored in South Walton. Almost everyone in town knows Bud, the famous dachshund behind Bud & Alley’s restaurant. Bud was a friendly dachshund owned by Seaside’s founder Robert Davis — and though the original Bud is no longer living today, multiple generations still reside in the Seaside area. Since Bud & Alley’s opened in the 1980s, South Walton’s enthusiasm for dachshunds has spread.

You’ll find this cute pup celebrated at spots like Lumpy’s Wine Bar & Bottle Shop, where dog portraits line the restaurant walls. Dog-loving drinkers and diners fill this cozy restaurant, which is named after the owners’ dachshund, Lumpy.

 Only in South Walton County

The dachshund has risen to icon status in the Seaside beach neighborhood. Pick up some dachshund swag at The Seaside Style store.

Donations support a number of charities and organizations in and around our beach neighborhoods. All of our Signature Events support a good cause; our Seeing Red Wine Festival and the Destin Charity Wine Auction, for example, benefit more than 14 children’s charities in northwest Florida! Show your support for South Walton by attending a Signature Event.

Donuts are a favorite among South Walton locals and visitors. Grab a dozen sprinkled, frosted, and glazed goodies at The Donut Hut in Seagrove — and make sure to order a maple-bacon donut, too! This sweet-yet-salty creation is The Donut Hut’s bestseller, with its key lime-stuffed donut coming in a close second. Using a 76-year-old recipe, the donut specialists at this shop take their art very seriously.

The Donut Hole’s Santa Rosa Beach location has been a favorite for years; and its new Inlet Beach location has delighted South Walton residents and guests. The family-friendly, sit-down restaurant definitely has donuts, but also offers omelets, waffles, and more to satisfy all of your breakfast cravings. 

Lastly, you can stop by Charlie’s Donut Truck most mornings for a sweet treat. This popular Alys Beach stop frequently sells out of its hand-rolled, hand-glazed creations, so be sure to get there early for fresh donuts and hot coffee.

Dune Lakes are a special feature of the South Walton landscape. Our beach neighborhoods host 15 rare coastal dune lakes. These unique bodies of water are found in Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia and only two other US states and feature a mix of fresh and salt water. South Walton is lucky enough to be home to 15 of these rare, biodiverse bodies of water. Take a seat and reflect by one of our peaceful dune lakes like Seascape’s Stewart Lake, or grab a kayak or stand up paddleboard and get going.

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