An Interview with 3 Local Musicians

We recently interviewed local musicians Geoff McBride, Forrest Williams of the Forrest Williams Band, and Kyle Ogle of Dread Clampitt. Listen to what these artists have to say about the South Walton music scene; they might just help you discover a new sound in South Walton.

When it comes to describing the South Walton music scene, all three musicians agree on one thing: it’s got something for everyone.

“It’s diverse, with lots of talent ranging from acoustic singer/songwriter-style to reggae and rock,” says Williams.

McBride agrees. “I would say the South Walton music scene is very eclectic.”

According to Ogle, “The music scene will surprise you in South Walton. It’s not your typical Florida beach town, ‘dock rock’ scenario… so many different styles of bands: folk, jazz, country bluegrass, funk, rock, and R&B all play in South Walton.”

Favorite venues among the three musicians include the Seaside amphitheater, Williams Backyard Boogie, and The Red Bar. However, the draw to South Walton’s music scene isn’t about specific venues — it’s about the atmosphere created by our entire community.

“The support of both the locals and tourists here is wonderful,” says Williams.

“We [in South Walton] have a rare opportunity for people all over the world to hear our music, because of the tourism,” says McBride. “You never know who will be in the audience.”

And no matter who’s listening in the audience, these artists know that the community here will embrace them. What keeps artists like Ogle enthusiastic about the South Walton music scene?

Here, he says, “you’re encouraged to let your hair fly and be different. Be yourself.”

Check out a list of South Walton’s live music venues for upcoming concerts, and don’t forget to buy tickets for the annual 30A Songwriters Festival.