A Treat for the Eyes: The Architecture of WaterSound

WaterSound is a place where manmade art and architecture blend in perfectly with natural surroundings. This 1,400-acre gated community is an escape for many reasons – one of which is its soothing, secluded atmosphere. Pale blue buildings blend in perfectly with the sugar-white sand of the beach, and rustic wooden walkways wind gracefully across this charming beach neighborhood.

Enter the elegant archway of the GateHouse, a community meeting spot for WaterSound guests and residents. Inspired by the historic W.G Low House of the late 1880s, this perfectly symmetrical structure features a wide triangular top and slightly curved center.

Inhale fresh ocean air as you explore the sand dunes and shoreline of WaterSound. This beach neighborhood's beach access point includes a lengthy wooden bridge that fluidly curves and arches until it reaches the sand. Gaze back at the tall, triangle-shaped resort structures whose faded blue colors complement the turquoise blue of the Gulf. Inspired by New England's architectural style, many of shingle-style homes in WaterColor feature straight lines, pitched roofs, and symmetrical layouts.

Dive into the WaterSound community pool, which is open to WaterSound guests and residents. This 7,000-square foot pool takes on a creative curved shape and is complemented by white terraces, black and blue seating areas, and lush greenery.

Wander to the edge of WaterSound and gaze out at Camp Creek Lake, a rare coastal dune lake. Simply sit and enjoy your all-natural surroundings, or rent a kayak and glide across the lake's surface. Back on foot, stroll around WaterSound's many bridges, trails, and walkways. Half of the WaterSound resort property is kept as a conservation preserve, and there are endless outdoor activities available in this naturally beautiful beach neighborhood.