Fall in Grayton Beach - South Walton, FL
6 Reasons South Walton is the Best Place to Be in the Fall

Summer is usually the season most associated with the beach, and for good reason: at most beaches, you're only there for sun and sand. Here though, there are a variety of ways to enjoy yourself even if you never set foot on the beach. Here are six reasons booking a fall trip to South Walton makes a whole lot of sense:

Sandestin Wine Festival - South Walton, FL

1.  It's event season. When the temperature cools off, the world-class festivals of food and wine, beer and even film begin. If you like an ocean breeze, top-notch food, the best domestic and international wines and watching a film outside, you can't miss fall in South Walton.

Vue on 30a - South Walton, FL

2.  There's nothing like dining with a view of the ocean, especially when fall weather kicks in. What's more is that the food here lives up to that view – not many places can claim the same! Whether you're looking for romance, tasty-but-casual or a night on the town, there's a perfect spot on the water that has what you're looking for.

Sunset in Seaside - South Walton, FL

3.  Some of the best sunsets of the year happen in the fall. Though sunsets can be unpredictable, October tends to be one of the best months for catching some mind-blowingly beautiful colors from the beach. And worst-case scenario, you'll still be on the beach in gorgeous weather as the sun goes down.

Beach Yoga - South Walton, FL

4.  Unplugging from the stress of daily life is a cinch here. Reflect on the beauty of the coastal dune lakes and commune with nature. Attend a variety of yoga and other fitness classes at the most scenic studio you've ever seen – the beach. Hike pristine state parks, take in world-class local art or peruse a unique bookstore. And don't forget the easiest way to unplug: hit the sugar-white sand of the beach and forget about everything else.

Sports Bar - South Walton, FL

5.  You'll have a lot more fun watching the game here than you would on your couch at home. There are sports bars, hip ambiances, jumbo screens and beach views to choose from, and any game you're looking for will be on somewhere. Frankly, you don't even have to be all that interested in the game to enjoy watching it here.

Direct Flights to South Walton, FL

6.  You can get here and put your feet in the sand in no time flat. With two nearby airports and direct flights from many cities, you can fly in from nearly anywhere. Or, if you're located in or near the Southeast, you can quickly drive in and still make it in time for dinner.

Butterfly Migration - South Walton, FL

7.  Fall in South Walton can give you butterflies. When temperatures cool off, Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico, and on their way, they love to make a pit stop in South Walton. There's even the annual Flutterby Children’s Arts Festival celebrating the migration with puppet shows, theatrical performances, arts and crafts and other kid-friendly activities.