Colorful Sunset in Blue Mountain
5 Tips for Catching Stunning South Walton Sunsets

Sure, laying out in the bright sun and getting a tan is one way to enjoy your time at the beach, but you’re just as likely to find us heading out in the evening to catch a legendary sunset over the turquoise water. You really can’t go wrong watching the sunset anywhere in town, but it’s truly spectacular with a front row seat. Here are our favorite tips for making sure you get the most out of the sunset.

Orange Sunset over the Beach

  1. Look up the sunset time and weather conditions. It’s impossible to predict when a sunset will be great with much accuracy, but there are several factors that can give you a pretty good sense. First, look for mid- to high-level clouds – lower clouds will block your view. You want moderate cloud coverage – not too much or too little. About 30-70% cloud coverage is generally in the ballpark. Relatively low humidity helps, as well as low wind. 
  2. Research the best spots to witness nature’s splendor. Beaches are a safe bet, but many restaurants have decks or patios that provide incredible views (along with nice seats and cocktails). Choose your location based on what you want to get out of the evening – if you’re looking to take photos, do you want a pure look at the sunset, or do you want a little scenery to go with it? If you’re just looking to take things in, dinner on the deck might be the best way to do that. 

  3. Get to your spot ahead of time to make sure you’ve got the great view you were expecting. Especially if you’re planning to take pictures, it’s a great idea to scope out your setup in advance. Even if you aren’t, it’s nice to be able to change locations with plenty of spare time if your view doesn’t work out.

  4. Be patient. Often, the best colors happen after the sun has set, not at the time it’s considered to be “set.” On top of that, there’s no way to know that a great sunset will happen on any given night, so you may have to try again. One way or the other, you’ll have a great night in South Walton – sunset or no, life is pretty good!

  5. Time your trip for optimal sunset viewing. Ok, this one might not be in your control, but if you can swing a trip in October or February, weather conditions usually lead to the most unbelievable colors during those months. As an added bonus, you might not believe how perfect the weather can be in those months. As we always say, summer never ends in South Walton.

Watching the Sunset in Rosemary Beach