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Tourist Development Council Governing Structure: County Commission, Council & Committees

Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC)

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Tourist Development Council (TDC) Members

  • Trey Nick, Seat 1, Term Expires Dec. 2022
  • Tom Cooper, Seat 2, Term Expires Dec. 2022
  • Tim Norris, Seat 3, Term Expires Dec. 2020
  • Jennifer Frost, Seat 4, Term Expires Dec. 2022
  • Richard Veldman--Chair, Seat 5, Term Expires Dec. 2020
  • Mark Hodgdon--Vice-Chair, Seat 6, Term Expires Dec. 2020
  • Jim Shirley, Seat 7, Term Expires Dec. 2022
  • Matthew Hagen--Treasurer, Seat 8, Term Expires Dec. 2020
  • Stacy Hamilton, Seat 9, Term Expires Dec. 2022

TDC Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

All meeting information including meeting place can be found on the meetings, agendas and minutes webpage. Anyone from the public who has items to present to the TDC Council must complete the Agenda Submission Form by the deadline.  Download: Agenda Submission Form. For more information, email the Executive Administrative Manager.


Tourist Development Council (TDC) Advisory Committees

In an effort to increase community involvement, the Walton County TDC has established five volunteer committees. These committees will assist the TDC with tourist development and creative initiatives. Committee member terms are two years contingent on good standing. 

Committee Information, Dates, Members