Red Bar Ride and Dine

Feb 8, 2017

Meet us at the Western Lake boat ramp near the world famous Red Bar in Grayton Beach at 8:00. You will enjoy 4 hours of Hydrobike play time in the Gulf of Mexico or in Western Lake. We provide lunch at the Red Bar via gift card so you can dine at your convenience. They open at 11 am.

Grayton Beach is unique in that it has a beach bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Western Lake. Western Lake is one of South Walton's Coastal Dune lakes. These lakes only exist in a few places in the world and Walton County is lucky enough to be home to several of them. At times the outflow will bust open and flow right out into the Gulf of Mexico. 4 hours give you plenty of time to explore both bodies of water.

*Please note that riding in the Gulf may be restricted based on current water conditions.
All activities are subject to weather conditions.

Directions/Location Description

Meet us at the Western Lake boat ramp at the end of Hotz Avenue just past the world famous Red Bar in Grayton Beach
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