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current beach conditions





When you’re off for a day of fun at the beach, it’s good to know the current conditions, especially the UV index and water safety. The Florida sun is stronger than you think. Even in late fall the UV index is between six and eight, so always have plenty of sunscreen on hand. Also keep in mind that the hours between noon and 3:00 PM are when the sun is the strongest.

Temperatures in South Walton have been known to go has high as 107 degrees and as low as 4 degrees, but those are recorded extremes. It’s normally much milder.

Average Temperatures Girl Sunbathing On Beach

 Season  HighsLows
Winter64° F41° F
Spring79° F57° F
Summer91° F71° F
Fall80° F58° F

Even though winter months are the coolest, this is the time of year when the temperatures are most conducive to outdoor activities like golfing, hiking, biking and paddling. Even better, evenings are great for curling up in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

Spring and fall are our warm up/cool down seasons. The gulf water is usually cool, but still swimmable in the early fall and late spring. Both sunrises and sunsets are amazing during these times as the sun is at its most southern point and is seen to rise and set over the gulf. Both spring and fall are perfect for outdoor activities, weddings, and friend getaways plus the fishing is great.

Summer is peak beach season when families and friends gather for vacations, family reunions, and weddings. The days are long and perfect for swimming, boating, paddling, fishing, golfing and enjoying all that the beach has to offer.